Sign it Up are one of the North’s leading custom sign and print specialist, specialising in partnering with businesses to create comprehensive and bespoke branding applications.
Having been a trusted partner of ours for many years, we were challenged with repositioning the custom clothing arm of their business, Personalise On Demand, and to develop a new identity and platform that truly reflected their aim – To create communities of people that feel a sense of belonging through the clothes they wear.
When approaching this project we got to understand what it was like to wear branded clothing, we even had some crafted for SUN (which are incredible). There is a real sense of belonging and pride you have when you wear your own identity on your sleeve. Even as individuals, all with our own styles and tastes, it created a sense of being part of something that you all stood for – Like wearing your team’s colours.
This developed into our brand idea of ‘Wear You Belong’ which informed the identity and visual language. Personalise On Demand, very luckily, abbreviates to POD, one of the strongest group communities and bonds on the planet. By crafting a bespoke curly bracket (also used in poetry and music to make connections) we created a whale tail icon to hold the strong wordmark together and frame it.
The end result is a simple and bold identity and colour palette that carries the message across all applications using imagery of the products you can customise. It has been a really great opportunity to again work with a superb and established business and we can’t wait to see the future results for POD.

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